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Letter to UT Editor

This letter appeared in the UT on Tuesday, Jan 6, 2015.

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the recent article "Families bringing end-of-life discussion the table" (Jan.1).
The central issue is a legal one. So the League of Women Voters of San Diego County is researching the issue as it stands today throughout the United States to decide if we should urge the California League to study it and try to reach a consensus and have a position on it before it appears on our state ballot again, which we believe will happen.

How should state and federal laws deal with this growing concern? How are our personal wishes curtailed or influenced by religion or government?

The League will be examining these and other questions and reporting to our members in the coming months.

Kay Ragan, President

League of Women Voters, San Diego County

Natural Resources


GREGORY CANYON LANDFILL: The Herzog Contracting Corporation and The Sovereign Capital Management Group are refinancing and restructuring Gregory Canyon Ltd. and will re-file their expired permits. However, they still need to obtain a waste water discharge permit, which was not awarded to them previously. Hopefully, the Oceanside and the Local Discharge Water Board will not approve the permit. 

 CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITY COMMISSION (CPUC): State Attorney General Kamala Harris is investigating the CPUC under former CPUC President Michael Peevey's tenure. Peevey, also a former Southern California Edison (SCE) President, stepped down amidst talk of ethical violations and ill-considered (some say corrupt) decisions. Governor Brown nominated Michael Picker, his former renewable energy adviser, as CPUC President and Liane Randolph, a general counsel at the California Natural Resources Agency, as a CPUC commissioner.

PIO PICO POWER PLANT: The San Diego County-based Protect Our Communities Foundation petitioned the California Supreme Court to reverse the CPUC decision which approved the $1.6 billion Pio Pico 305 MW power plant last year.

SAN ONOFRE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT SETTLEMENT: On November 20th, the CPUC unanimously approved a settlement agreement where customers will pay about $3.3 billion of the cost of shutting down the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station while the plant's owners, whose negligence caused the shutdown, will pay only about $1.4 billion. A lawsuit has been filed by Citizens' Oversight and others against Southern California Edison and state electric power regulators for more than $3 billion, the costs of shuttering the failed power plant.

FRACKING: The LWV continues to oppose fracking due to the impacts to water quality, water quantity, agriculture, etc. On December 17th, New York Governor Cuomo banned hydraulic fracturing in New York State because of concerns over health risks. We need to ban fracking here in California! Go to to sign a petition against fracking or visit for upcoming local events.  

KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE: In November, lawmakers were one vote shy of passing legislation granting the permit. There is hopeful optimism about President Obama's stance on the Keystone XL pipeline after ABC News quoted him as saying, "Understand what this project is: It is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. It doesn't have an impact on US gas prices." LWV National President Elisabeth MacNamara has noted the disastrous impacts of the pipeline to the ecosystem, the release of greenhouse gases and increased dependence on foreign oil. A decision on this ill-advised environmental nightmare is expected soon.  

The Natural Resources Committee still needs members. Please make it your New Year's resolution to get involved! Thank you.

End of Life