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Register, then Vote!Before you can vote, you need to register 15 days before the election. (sign up). Forms can be found online, at the Library, or by calling or going to the Registrar of Voters Office.
Be sure to Register again if you move, change your name, or want to change your political party.

Registrar of Voters
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday Through Friday
Address: 5600 Overland Ave.San diego, CA 92123
Tel: 858-565-5800 or 1-800-696-0136
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  • Primary Election June 3, 2014
    SPECIAL ELECTIONS: May occur at other times.

Where to Vote

Find your polling place

Before an election, a sample ballot is sent to each registered voter telling the precinct number,the address of the assigned voting place.

Absentee or voting by mail

  • you can choose to vote by mail. Its easy, convenient and saves gas. Simply contact the Registrar of Voters from the 60th to the 7th day before election day.
  • or you can fill out the form on the back cover of the sample ballot and mail to the Registrar.
    Your Vote Counts!

Why Bother To Vote

  • Your vote does make a difference.
  • Elections have been won by only one vote.
  • American democracy is a participatory form of government.
  • Express your opinion - voting gives you the power.
  • Voting is the most important right of citzenship because it is the only means you have of preserving all your other rights.

Get Ready to Vote

Befor you vote, learn about what you are voting on.
To help you prepare all Registered Voters receive 2 booklets in the mail.
  • A Sample Ballotthat lists all of the candidates and measures that will be on your ballot.It also shows your polling place.
  • The Voter Information Guide which is about statewide candidates and ballot measures from the CA Sec. of State's Office.

* is a website that tells about the candidates, propositions, measures, and polling place on the ballot.

All of these contain nonpartisan information which means they just give facts and do not take sides about how you should vote.

About the League of Women Voters

League of Women Voters: A Voice for Citizens; A Force for Change For more than 75 years, the League of Women Voters has encouraged informed and active participation of all citizens in government.
The League does not support or oppose any political party or any candidate for public office.
Its mission is:
  • 1. to promote voter registration and provide unbiased information to voters through League publications, and sponsorship of candidates and issues forums.
  • 2. to speak out on local, state, and national issues, based on League positions arrived at after member study.

What are your Voting Rights?

Do you know your voting rights? Click here to read them.